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This site was not created by doctors or medical nutrition experts, but instead was created as a love letter… from a son to a father.

Over a decade ago my father had his first heart attack. Years of unhealthy eating, drinking and work habits had finally caught up with him, and doctors said if he didn’t get an invasive procedure done he would be dead in six to 12 months.

My father, as stubborn as he was, decided to forego their professional advice and battle this ailment on his own terms. We all tried to convince him otherwise but as stated earlier, he was an incredibly stubborn man. Once he had recovered, he began his journey into the world of whole foods and plant based diets to aid himself against heart disease. We all thought he was crazy.

Fast forward to the present… my father is gone. It all did finally catch up to him, unfortunately. But my fascination with the effects of a plant based lifestyle still remain to this day.

Truth be told, going completely plant based changed his life, and it even bought him another 10 years with us after that heart event. We saw him transform his eating and drinking habits before our very eyes, and for that last decade we had with him, he was literally in the best shape of his life.

Of course, I do still think about what would have been if he had pushed through with the invasive procedure. Maybe he’d still be here with us today? Who knows… I do know though, that there is certainly something about this diet that creates true balance and health in the body. Probably more than people may think!

As a fan of my father and our experience with plant based living, I only hope that this site can inspire others to learn more about living and subsisting on a whole food plant based diet. It is truly a powerful tool that can do wonders for the body, and the science is expanding with each passing year.

Just to be clear though, this story is certainly not meant to convince you that a plant based diet is all you’ll ever need to defeat heart disease. It certainly wasn’t enough for my father. This is just to give you a bit of a background as to why this site exists. I wish my father was still here to see it… he would have loved reading these posts (as well as suggesting a few of revisions here and there). Always consult your medical doctor about anything to do with your body. Of course, if you just want to learn more about this diet and all the wonderful effects and benefits it can potentially have on the body, you are definitely in the right place.

Thank you for visiting PlantBasedPerfect.com! We hope you enjoy exploring our site and learn more about living plant based.

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