Kaiser Permanente Plant Based Diet (HEALTH PROGRAMS)

Get easy physicians care with Kaiser Permanente Plant Based Diet (HEALTH PROGRAMS) health services.***See more on KAISER PERMANENTE PLANT BASED DIET below***

What is Kaiser Permanente?

What services do they offer?

Where are they located and who can use them?

Kaiser Permanente is a health care consortium that offers a health plan some individuals choose to use in place of health insurance. The service focuses considerably on prevention of disease and illness, but it also includes treatments and management too. The service includes its own hospitals and sometimes refers patients to other hospitals as well, depending on their needs.

With Kaiser Permanente plant based diet eaters can enjoy all the same health benefits as anyone else on this program. Care is personalized and health care providers are willing and able to work with anyone who is enjoying or focusing on a plant-based diet, including vegans.

Kaiser Permanente is located throughout the United States, with hubs in California, Colorado, Georgia, Hawaii, Washington D.C., Oregon, and Washington State. Anyone can use this service, but individuals must sign up, register, and pay to become a member—just like with any health insurance policy.

There are many different plans available, so individuals can narrow down their options and find the right fit. Some plans may be covered by employers or Medicare, but many families and individuals rely on those plans that don’t fall into these categories. If you’re interested in signing up, you can find information on how to get a quote through their main web site.

Whether you want to become a member or not, Kaiser Permanente offers plenty of information and tips about plant-based dieting. Read on to learn more about the Kaiser plant based diet and how it may pertain to you.

Facts about Kaiser Permanente

In this section, we’ll give you a brief look at the Kaiser Permanente take on plant-based dieting. You’ll learn where this health service falls on the plant-based scale and whether or not you should consider them for your health care needs when focusing on a plant-based or vegan diet.

Do they advocate for plant-based diets?

  • Yes! Kaiser Permanente encourages individuals to try a plant-based or mostly plant-based diet whenever possible. They recommend eating real, whole foods as often as they are available, and they offer a meal planning booklet for vegetarian dieting to help people get started. They also have many other resources available on their Thrive web site with lots of information for individuals looking to get started or stay on a plant-based diet. This includes information about plant-based eating for children, teens, older adults, and everyone in between. Check out their plant-based menus and helpful resources to encourage your healthy eating from day one of your new diet plan.

Do they believe plant-based eating can help prevent disease?

  • Yes! Kaiser Permanente understands that plant-based eating can and does help prevent disease as well as reduces the risk for many illnesses, too. They encourage it as a preventative measure, and they offer many health care providers who can assist with planning and structuring the right plant-based diet plan to help prevent or combat all sorts of different diseases. Particularly when it comes to diabetes, they have plenty of support available through their web site to help individuals find the information they’re looking for and make healthy eating decisions that will improve their overall health.

What kind of support do they offer for plant-based eaters?

  • You can find all sorts of support for plant-based eaters through the Kaiser Permanente Thrive subsection of their web site. This information is all available online, so even if you don’t live locally or aren’t a member, you can access it and use it to your advantage. Just remember that you will have to become a member if you want to reach out to any of the health care providers in-network for this program. Otherwise, you can access meal plans, recipes, booklets, information about providing a balanced diet to kids and teens, and so much more, all through their web site.

Do they offer online support groups and other online resources?

  • Yes! You can find access to their online support groups through their Thrive web site. This support group does meet locally in California, but much of its information is available online as well. If you don’t live locally you can still get access to a lot of the same information that is offered in this support group. And if you do live locally, you can sign up and attend in-person sessions for even more help and assistance. Keep in mind that there are plenty of other online resources available, too, and that the online community is easy to access through their main web site.

Do they offer plant-based classes and information?

  • Yes—in-person. If you live in Santa Rosa, California, or nearby, you can sign up for a course in plant-based nutrition to help you get started. This course is available for free to members of Kaiser Permanente and offers a simple but effective start on the path toward healthy meal planning and better eating choices for those who are looking to get started on a plant-based diet. And if you’re already eating plant-based, you may want to consider taking the class too, just to refresh yourself and see if there’s any new information you should consider, too.

As you can see, there are a lot of options available to anyone who is looking to get started on a plant-based diet through Kaiser Permanente. Whether you’re a member already or you’re thinking about signing up, you can find easy access to tons of information that can help you learn to make healthy plant-based decisions with every bite you take. And if you are a member, you’ll have even more access to tips, guides, meal plans, classes, support groups, and many other resources too. You’ll even be able to reach out with a phone call for more information and assistance on your plant based diet.


Did you learn a little bit more about Kaiser Permanente and what to expect when you use this service? Are organizations like this important for spreading information and awareness? Do they help transition to or maintain a plant-based diet?

Utilizing Kaiser Permanente for health care when you’re on a plant-based diet is easy and convenient. This organization works to spread awareness of the health benefits of plant-based dieting, and they don’t hesitate to prescribe it to those who might benefit from it as well. If you’re looking for a health service option that will include your desire to stay plant-based, you can’t go wrong with this group.

Kaiser Permanente may also be able to help you transition successfully to a plant-based diet, and they will encourage and support you while you work on maintaining this diet plan, too. If you need any additional information or help from a health care provider regarding your plant-based diet, you can contact this service and they will assist you as much as possible.

Whether you’re on a plant-based diet for morals, for health, or just because you want to give it a try and see how it goes, you should consider working with Kaiser Permanente for your health care needs along the way.

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