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Are you someone who is new to a plant based diet?

Are you looking for more information on plant based diet before you actually switch to one?

Do you want to find out a few help resources that can guide you about the benefits of such a diet?

Checking up on the benefits of plant based diets and understanding what this whole diet plan is about can help you decide whether you want to go ahead with it or not. And that is exactly how we are going to help you today.

In this article, we will share with you 11 of the best diet documentaries that focus exclusively on plant based diets. You can find access to these documentaries, see and hear what the experts have to say, and decide for yourself which type of a diet will work best in your case. So without waiting any more, dive right into these detailed documentaries to find out all that you are curious about.

11 *BEST* Plant Based Diet Documentaries (YOU SHOULD BE WATCHING NOW)

Here are some of the best plant based diet documentaries that are definitely high up in their game. Not only will they present you with enough facts, they will also do so in such a way that you can relate to, and understand well, to include in your own life as well.

1. Forks Over Knives

This documentary takes a look at the popular Western diet and shows what side effects it has. It talks to different individuals who have been suffering from various chronic illnesses and how medications are either not giving them the results they want, or are causing more side effects.

It also compares eating habits with those prevalent in other countries, mainly a more plant based diet. It talks about how changing your diet to include more plant based items can bring a change. 

2. Eating You Alive

This video mainly focusses on showing you how eating a plant based diet can actually help to better manage or even cure various types of chronic diseases

The makers of this documentary talk to various health professionals as well as those individuals who have been on this type of a diet and benefitted from it. Some instances also show you how people got better results from a plant based diet than when they were seeking treatment through medication. 

3. Processed People

This documentary takes a look at statistics and shows us how obesity is a growing epidemic that needs to be taken care of immediately. It also talks to experts who agree to the fact that eating processed meats can put you at a higher risk of various types of illnesses. 

It features obesity specialists and dieticians who take a look at what it is in our diets that we should avoid. Experts also talk about and compare meat based foods vs. plant based foods to show us what all benefits we can get when we start including more fresh fruits and vegetables in our diet. 

4. PlantPure Nation

This documentary shows the journey of a family who has been eating a mainly plant based diet for years. It shows how eating a plant based clean diet has helped the elders in the family live a longer and fuller life with less health complications. 

The documentary shows how most of the health problems today, such as those of the heart, cholesterol and blood pressure issues and so on, are related to a higher intake of foods that are high in saturated cholesterol. It further shows how some of the leading causes of death in the United States are linked to what you eat. 

5. But It’s Vegan 

This documentary not just looks at a plant based diet and its benefits, but it actually talks mainly about following a vegan diet and how it can help you fight off various lifestyle and health issues. Medical experts take a look at various food types and explain how they lose their nutrient value once they are processed

Experts also explain how one of the best ways to choose your food is by determining how far it has travelled from its original source, in this case, the tree. The closer it is to the plant family, the more nutrients you can get, as opposed to eating something that has been heavily processed, even if it is a plant based food, that will lose most of its beneficial nutrients by the time you eat it. 

6. The End of Meat 

This documentary talks about a future where no one will consume meat any longer. Experts talk about how one of the most devastating food practice is to consume another animal for eating. It also talks about the cruelty and the inhumane conditions that these animals are help captive in and bred, and how it invariably ends up affecting our food and the way the food works for our body.

7. Vegucated 

This documentary is a take on the vegan way of life and why it can help you if turn vegan. It explains what being a vegan means and how it can affect your eating choices, your overall health and your lifestyle. The documentary also takes a look at what goes on behind producing meat based foods and how it is affecting our bodies and our planets


8. Food Choices

This documentary chronicles the life of an individual who tried out various diets over the years to find one that would be the healthiest. Here, he shows how he switched to a plant based diet and decided to add more fresh fruits and vegetables in his meals. The documentary goes on to show the many positive health effects that benefitted him from this diet and why.

9. PlanEat 

In this documentary, an expert takes a look at the health effects that happen as a result of consuming protein from animal sources. He goes on to compare the effects of consuming protein from plant sources. It takes a look at professionals from different fields and how adopting a plant based diet has helped them.

10. Vegan: Everyday Stories

This documentary shows the lives of people that have changed after adapting a healthier plant based diet. It talks about the benefits of becoming vegan, or at least giving up animal food sources. It’s also a good documentary for those who are thinking of turning vegan but are not sure how difficult or different it will be.

11. Diet Fiction

This documentary is a look at the growing epidemic of obesity. It shows how we are eating too much of the wrong food types. It takes a look at our diet patterns and explains why a plant based one may work best.


3 Ways Plant Based Diet Documentaries Can Help Spread The Word

When it comes to researching about something that is close to your heart, or even a particular lifestyle that you are thinking of embracing, a good documentary can often have a crucial role to play. Here are 3 ways that a good documentary can help spread the word about plant based diet and its benefits, and give you a clear picture.

1. There is scope for detailed discussion: 

The one good thing about watching a documentary is that often, they tell you the good and the bad of the entire story, without just telling you something that comes across as an advertisement or propaganda. 

This means that, not only will you find out why it is good to move over to this particular type of a diet, but it will also tell you the side effects of not doing so, or point towards the shortcomings of a different type of diet that you may currently be following

2. Very easy to understand: 

Yet another benefit of watching a documentary to understand whether or not the information will really work for you is that these are usually made in such a way that it will be very easy for anyone to understand the concept.

In many cases, documentary makers don’t just talk to you, they also show you proof and detailed visual information on what they are trying to bring across to the audience.

3. Seeing others go through the same issues can help:

You may feel that you are in this journey alone, but sometimes, when you watch a good documentary, it can help you realize that there are others like you who have been in the same boat too.

Seeing others talk about it and breaking down the information makes it much more real, and much more effective than just reading a case study. 

Are these documentaries effective at educating about plant-based eating? 

  • Millions of people have viewed and liked the videos
  • They open a channel of discussion amongst viewers. 
  • Viewers can share their doubts and other viewers can help with their own positive stories. 

With lifestyle and dietary habits coming under scrutiny, maybe it’s time to switch to a diet that is less abrasive and more ecologically sustainable.

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