15 Best Plant Based Meal Delivery Sites (HEALTHY ORGANIC)

What can you expect from a plant based meal delivery service?

What kinds of meals do you usually receive in a delivery?

What kind of package plans can you expect to choose from?

Each service is different, however, so take your time checking out the list below to find the one that suits all your needs best and helps you get your plant based food delivered fast.

1. Epicured

VISIT THEM HERE: https://www.epicured.com/

Types of meals: Entrees, snacks
Types of packages: Weekly, a la carte
Delivery area: United States East Coast

All of the meals available from Epicured are dietitian approved for your health and wellbeing. This company incorporates all-natural ingredients and specializes in foods designed to help reduce inflammation and avoid digestive trouble. For one of the best plant based meal delivery options, be sure to check this one out.


  • You can choose low-FODMAP and gluten-free meals from this company.
  • Plans can be chosen to help battle and reverse the effects of Crohn’s and IBS.


  • This company does not deliver everywhere, although they may consider expanding if contacted.
  • Vegan food is not the default from this company, so you’ll need to search for plant based options.

2. Foodflo

VISIT THEM HERE: https://www.foodflo.com/

Types of meals: Entrees, snacks
Types of packages: Weekly, a la carte
Delivery area: California, Las Vegas, and Phoenix

Go for something truly healthy when you choose FoodFlo for your delivery needs. This plant based delivery company takes the extra step and prepares its foods with alkaline water to encourage better health and body maintenance than ever before. Everything included is gluten-free and organic as well, making these meals excellent choices when you’re concerned about what goes into your body.


  • Meals are ready to eat and only need to be heated up.
  • Meals can be delivered every Monday, taking the guesswork out of delivery.


  • This company does not offer a large shipping and delivery area.
  • The food is very expensive from this company.

3. Food Nerd

VISIT THEM HERE: https://www.foodnerdmeals.com/

Types of meals: Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks
Types of packages: Weekly, individual orders, 90-day
Delivery area: United States (shipping upcharge outside of Buffalo, NY)

Food Nerd strives to help reduce and remove inflammation from the body by using a healthy plant based diet. The foods included in these meals are packed with nutrients and vitamins you need to keep your body healthy and functioning for a long time to come.


  • You can choose a la carte items if you can’t find a plan that works for you.
  • Food is always delivered on Wednesdays.


  • You must prepare the meals you receive, so they’re not ideal for heat-and-go situations.
  • Shipping is expensive with this program.

4. Fresh N’ Lean

VISIT THEM HERE: https://www.freshnlean.com/

Types of meals: Breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert
Types of packages: Weekly, a la carte
Delivery area: United States

With Fresh N’ Lean, you can control the types of foods you receive based on your specific needs and interests. You can pick plant based or choose other options as well, and you can even opt for low-carb or keto from there. If you don’t see everything you’re looking for, you can always choose a la carte options instead.


  • This company tries to 1keep menus fresh and exciting so customers don’t get bored.
  • Packaging is BPA-free and recyclable.


  • These meals are designed to be microwaved, so they may take longer if you reheat them in an oven.
  • Food can only be refrigerated for about a week.

5. Green Chef

VISIT THEM HERE: https://greenchef.com/home

Types of meals: Entrees
Types of packages: Weekly
Delivery area:

No matter what type of meal plan you’re looking to stick to, you can find something that works for you from Green Chef. This whole food plant based meal delivery company utilizes organic ingredients and sends you everything you need to prep the meals yourself in your own home.


  • You can choose meals based on paleo, keto, and more.
  • Meals come with ingredients and simple directions for preparation.


  • You will have to make these meals yourself, so you can’t simply heat and go.
  • Menu options may be limited.

6. Macro Mediterranean

VISIT THEM HERE: https://www.macro-mediterranean.com/

Types of meals: Entrees, soups, sides
Types of packages: Individual orders, weekly orders
Delivery area: Continental United States

When you’re looking specifically for a Mediterranean style plant based diet, you might want to try Macro Mediterranean. This program incorporates macrobiotics into its meal plans and offers a different menu every week to keep things interesting and exciting for customers.


  • Meals are designed to average no more than 600 calories per serving, depending on the meal.
  • Menus change frequently so you don’t get too bored.


  • Some meals are frozen before shipping.
  • There is an order minimum.

7. Mama Sezz

VISIT THEM HERE: https://www.mamasezz.com/

Types of meals: Entrees, sides
Types of packages: A la carte, bundles
Delivery area: United States, with shipping upcharges to several areas

Choose the meals and sides you want when you order your food through Mama Sezz. These meals are designed to bring you the best in taste and nutrition all without using animal products or GMOs. All you have to do is heat them up when you’re ready to eat them, and there’s no prep work involved otherwise.


  • You can choose a la carte or pick one of the popular bundle options from this company.
  • Some options are “challenges” that encourage you to adopt a more plant-based lifestyle.


  • You must meet a delivery minimum to qualify for free shipping.
  • Shipping is very pricey in some parts of the country.

8. Plant Perfection

VISIT THEM HERE: https://www.plantperfectionfoods.com/index.php

Types of meals: Entrees, soups, sides
Types of packages: A la carte only
Delivery area: Continental United States

Enjoy healthy low-sodium meals with Plant Perfection. These meals are all plant-based and are only sweetened naturally with fruit ingredients, so there’s no need to be worried about processed or refined sugars, either.


  • Shipping is free within the delivery area.
  • You can put together the box you want yourself and be choosy about what to include.


  • These meals are frozen before shipping, which is a negative to some people.
  • There is an order minimum that must be met before shipping.

9. Sakara

VISIT THEM HERE: https://www.sakara.com/pages/next-week-menu

Types of meals: Breakfast, lunch, dinner
Types of packages: 3 days a week or 5 days a week
Delivery area: Continental United States, but meals vary

Meals from Sakara come prepared and ready to eat so you can enjoy them in just a few short minutes. They are all gluten-free and organic as well as plant-based, and you don’t have to worry about any refined sugars in these meals either. All in all, this company offers a healthy alternative as a plant based meal delivery service.


  • Meals can include detox teas to help you digest better.
  • Meals are available based on local ingredients when possible.


  • You don’t get to choose what goes into your boxes with this program.
  • Meals cannot be delivered on weekends.

10. Thrive Foods Direct

VISIT THEM HERE: https://www.thrivefoodsdirect.com/

Types of meals: Entrees
Types of packages: Weekly, a la carte
Delivery area: Continental United States

All meals delivered by Thrive Foods Direct are designed with nutrition in mind. These are not empty calories; these meals offers tons of vitamins, antioxidants, minerals and more to keep you healthy and functioning at your best.


  • All packaging is eco-friendly with this company.
  • The food is never frozen, although it is refrigerated.


  • Meals may not last as long with this company as with some others.
  • Snacks are not included as part of the meal plans.

11. Urban Remedy

VISIT THEM HERE: https://urbanremedy.com/

Types of meals: Entrees and drinks
Types of packages: Meal plans and cleanses
Delivery area: California; continental United States at an upcharge

When you choose Urban Remedy, you can enjoy healthy meals, snacks, and cleanses depending on your needs and preferences. Pick meal plans based on your health needs or choose something a little more general if you prefer.


  • This service offers many meal plans, including weight loss, metabolism, anti-inflammatory, and more.
  • New customers can enjoy a discount when signing up for this program.


  • The prices are high for the amount of food received.
  • There is a delivery minimum if you’re ordering outside of California.

12. Veestro

VISIT THEM HERE: https://www.veestro.com/

Types of meals: Breakfast, lunch, dinner
Types of packages: 10, 20, or 30 meal packages
Delivery area: Continental United States

Pick between a set menu, a weight loss specific menu, or choose a la carte items when you go with Veestro. This delivery service offers meals that can just be heated up and enjoyed when you need them, so you don’t have to worry about any prep work on busy days.


  • You do not have to be present to sign for your meals with this service.
  • Orders always ship on Mondays so you know when to expect them.


  • Food can only be kept in the refrigerator for up to a week, although it can be frozen for longer.
  • Food options may be more limited with this service.

13. The Vegan Garden

VISIT THEM HERE: https://thevegangarden.com/

Types of meals: Breakfast, entrees, desserts, juices
Types of packages: Individual orders, monthly orders
Delivery area: United States

You can easily create the perfect meal order for your needs with The Vegan Garden. You can choose between various diet and meal plans and add or take away items for your order as you prefer.


  • The food is pre-cooked and flash-frozen so all you have to do is heat it up and enjoy.
  • The food is prepared by real chefs who know how to balance flavor and nutrition.


  • The servings may not be large enough for all customers.
  • The service is pricey and may be too expensive for some customers shopping on a budget.

14. Vegin’ Out

VISIT THEM HERE: https://www.veginout.com/

Types of meals: Breakfast, entrees, sides, soups, and dessert
Types of packages: One-time, weekly, or twice a month
Delivery area: California

Vegin’ Out allows you to order from a weekly vegan menu and purchase from a variety of options. You can also add on sides and desserts as well as drinks if you choose to do so.


  • There are a lot of options with this program.
  • The food is fresh and delivered on time.


  • This service only delivers within California.
  • The service may be a little expensive to some customers.

15. VegReady

VISIT THEM HERE: https://vegready.com/

Types of meals: Entrees with sides
Types of packages: Monthly or individual
Delivery area: United States and Canada (with a shipping upcharge to Alaska, Hawaii, and Canada)

VegReady offers an option to purchase 8 meals at a time. You can do this either individually or on a monthly recurring basis. When you first order your eight meals, you’ll receive portable meal boxes to use with them, making transportation even more convenient.


  • These meals are easy to heat and cook in no time.
  • The meals encourage reusing the packaging to be more eco-friendly.


  • These meals always come with the same sides.
  • The meals are the same 8 dishes each month.

What to expect from plant based food delivery services?

Plant based food delivery options usually include:

  • Entrees
  • Snacks
  • Desserts
  • Drinks

Packages available from these types of delivery services include:

  • Individual orders
  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Monthly


Is it possible to really find a good plant based diet delivery to your home or office if you follow a plant based diet? Is it all that important for you? Can it encourage others to try this type of diet too? It’s not too hard to find this type of delivery option, especially if you live in a metro area. Overall, this type of delivery service is important to people who follow a plant based diet all the time as well as those who might just want to give it a try every now and then. If your area doesn’t have the option to get plant based diet meals delivered yet, be sure to reach out to nearby options and see if they can expand to your location.

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