Plant Based Nutrition Healthcare Conference


Did you know there’s a Plant Based Nutrition Healthcare Conference every year?

Do you want to know more about it?

Where does it take place, and is it open to the public?

How can you find out everything you want to know about this event?

You may not have ever stopped to consider it before, but there is a large conference that takes place every year and is devoted to the nutritional needs of those who enjoy a plant-based diet and lifestyle.

This conference is packed with information and up-and-coming studies on the health and wellness needs of people just like you who get their nutrition from plant-based eating.

If you’re looking for more information about this exciting event or want to know if it’s something you can go to, take a look at the information we’ve put together below.

We’ve gathered all the basics about this event so you can easily find out if it’s right for you and what, if anything, you should plan to check out if you do attend.

By the time you finish reading through this article, you’ll be a lot more well-versed in the goings-on of the Plant Based Nutrition Healthcare Conference. So let’s get started.


The Conference

This conference is a unique one, as it hasn’t been going on for very long. Each year offers exciting new opportunities for conference-goers to learn more and branch out beyond their own areas of study or expertise, and to expand the horizons of others at the same time. Check out the information below to help you get more of an idea about what this conference really entails. You can also learn more about how to register if you do feel like you should go.

Who can go?

  • This event is, unfortunately, not open to just everyone. The general public can’t go, and even chefs and some nutritionists who are interested in finding out more about the topics involved can’t always attend either. Ideally, the right candidate for this conference is a physician who cares about incorporating plant-based dietary needs into his or her workspace. Those who deal with internal medicine, oncology, and cardiology may have special interests in the topics covered at this conference, but it is open to all physicians who have a need for plant-based information to back up their practices and recommendations. It is open to nurses, assistants, coaches, dietitians, and hospital executives as well.

How do you register?

  • You can easily register on the web site by clicking the Registration button and choosing the type of registration that’s right for you. There is an “early bird” price tier that can be accessed depending on when you sign up to attend, or you can also pay the day of “at the door” for a higher price. If you are unable to attend, you can instead view the videos from previous years’ events by clicking on the Conference Video link under the Registration tab on the official website.

When is the next event?

  • At the time of writing, the next event takes place at JW Marriott Desert Springs Resort and Spa September 11 – 14, 2020. Registered guests should ideally get accomodations close to the event to make travel easier and more convenient. The event also includes a registration option the day before it begins for last-minute signups.

When did this event start?

  • This event began in 2012, so it’s a relatively new experience for those interested in plant-based living from a medical standpoint. It’s been working to chart new medical territory and encourage its attendees to incorporate plant-based treatments into their services ever since.

What are some of the covered topics?

  • Depending on the year, some topics may be covered more heavily than others. For 2019, one of the biggest topics covered was that reversing chronic disease through lifestyle changes, particularly plant based living.
  • This conference also includes topics such as muscular degeneration, adherence to the diet and lifestyle, gut health and low-FODMAP eating, diabetes, pediatrics, fast food, and more. This is a very thorough event that incorporates information about all sorts of different aspects of nutrition and eating from a plant-based standpoint and is sure to make a difference for anyone thinking of treating patients using this information and knowledge.

What are some web sites you can visit to find out more?

  • Official website: This is the official website of the conference and offers everything you need to know and much more about the event. You can use this site to register, to reserve your hotel room, and to plan your visit as well.
  • LinkedIn: If you are a member of LinkedIn, you can find out more information about the attendees and the event itself by checking out this page. However, it may not offer as much thorough info about the lectures and discussions that will take place at the event as the main web site.



As you can see, there’s a lot of information to pay attention to when you’re considering whether or not you can go to this conference. Although it may not be for everyone, and you may choose not to go depending on your specific situation, you may still want to pay attention to it and see what new information crops up after each year’s event, too. You can always check out their web site to find out more after the event is over, or take a look at their LinkedIn page to see who is going and what they may be talking about.

Of course there are other ways to stay in touch with the medical community regarding your plant-based diet and lifestyle, too. The conference also has a social media presence, so if you have any questions regarding attendance or you just want to find out what might be going on at the next event, you can always check them out at the following:

  • Facebook: The conference offers its own Facebook event page with more information including changes in dates and times as they may occur. It may also connect you with some others who are interested in attending or learning more.
  • Twitter: This account posts updates and keeps guests and interested parties informed of what’s going on with the conference. It also links to lectures and other venues that you might want to check out for yourself as you dive deeper into the plant-based lifestyle and its studies.


Keep in mind that these are professional social media accounts, so your questions may not always be addressed if you go this route, However, they can be a good solution if you need to reach out and aren’t sure who to contact for more information. 

Now that you know a little more about this conference, it’s time to decide whether or not you should attend. If not, don’t forget to check in for more information from the conference as it becomes available!

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