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Is it hard to find a plant based culinary school?

Do most culinary schools offer plant-based programs or are these only an option with a select few?

Are the only differences the lack of meat and animal products in the food, or are there other differences as well?

Plant-based culinary schools encourage the preparation of meals without animal products or meat. They may also include gluten-free options and may focus on raw or whole food ingredients, too, depending on the course and school.

It’s difficult to find plant-based courses with many culinary schools. For this reason, it may be a better option to choose a specific plant-based school, or to stick with one that has a lot of courses available in plant-based cooking.

Read on to find a great plant based cooking school…

1. School of Natural Cookery


The School of Natural Cookery teaches students to work with on-hand, local, fresh ingredients and to come up with healthy options on their own. Whole foods are encouraged and meal planning is taught as well.

Courses Available: Natural Chef Certificate

The Natural Chef Certificate helps students learn to prepare healthy, quality meals that are entirely plant-based and almost entirely gluten-free. This course encourages students to learn the basics and then branch out on their own with creative, unique concepts and ideas.


  • Students learn to balance their own meals and plan appropriately.
  • This school gives students a lot of freedom to create.


  • Courses are only offered on-site in Colorado.
  • The course is only offered at certain times of the year.

2. Living Light Culinary Institute


Living Light Culinary Institute provides students with everything they need to learn how to prepare gourmet meals with raw vegan ingredients. This school offers hands-on experience and plenty of support and training throughout its programs.

Courses Available: Raw Vegan Mastery

This course of study offers several classes that help students learn everything they need to know about vegan food prep and meal planning. From knife skills to fundamentals to presentation and even desserts, students can custom-tailor their educational experiences to find the right fit for their needs.


  • This program offers lots of skills in a short amount of time, like a crash course in vegan food prep.
  • Students can choose between many options with this course.


  • The classes are only offered on-site in California.
  • This course only focuses on raw food prep.

3. Rouxbe


Rouxbe is a web site that offers online courses in a variety of different cooking fields and levels. A membership with Rouxbe allows access to instructional videos that you can view on your own, or you can choose a program to help you learn more specialized skills and information.

Courses Available: Forks Over Knives

This course offers a certificate in plant-based cooking and teaches students from the ground up how to develop meals with a plant-based focus. The three-month course also includes lots of support from instructors as needed.


  • This course is convenient and affordable.
  • There are lots of additional materials available for viewing with Rouxbe.


  • Since Rouxbe is a service and not a school, certification may not count for some employers.
  • There is no hands-on training involved.

4. Institute of Culinary Education


The Institute of Culinary Education offers locations in both New York and Los Angeles to provide services to both United States coasts equally. The school makes it easy for students to find the right course of study for their needs and to hone their skills fast.

Courses Available: Natural Gourmet Center

Studying with the Natural Gourmet Center allows students to focus on healthy cooking with a plant-based or vegan focus. Students are also able to incorporate hydroponics and other growing methods and can learn about sustainability and locally-sourced ingredients, too.


  • This school has several high rankings and awards for its programs of study.
  • The school offers a lot of training and hands-on experience.


  • There aren’t a lot of locations or online study options available, and students will have to relocate at least temporarily.
  • The course may not be as thorough as some of the others listed here, and it isn’t intended for new or inexperienced chefs who are just starting out in their studies.

5. International Culinary Institute


The International Culinary Institute offers plant-based training in both cooking and nutrition areas. Both introductory and certification courses are offered, and students can choose the options that are best tailored to their goals.

Courses Available: Plant Based Academy

The professional certification course available from this school is a comprehensive study of plant-based nutrition, diet, and more. Students learn about herbalism, fermentation, and other holistic aspects of the plant-based lifestyle through this program.


  • This course is offered online as well as in-person in a few different locations.
  • The school also offers less intensive courses for those interested.


  • This school is not as well-known as some of the others on our list.
  • The availability of courses may not be as open as some other options.

6. Le Cordon Bleu


Le Cordon Bleu is a well-known culinary school that trains some of the best and most skilled chefs worldwide. With locations around the world, there may be a more local option for you; however, this particular course is offered in London.

Courses Available: Diploma in Plant-Based Culinary Arts

This course begins with the basics of plant-based meal prep and takes students throughout different stages of cooking, all with a plant-based theme in mind. Although no experience is necessary, current chefs who want to expand their menus and skills can also apply.


  • The course offers a diploma from a well-known name in culinary arts.
  • The course encompasses all aspects of plant-based cooking.


  • This course is only offered in London and only at certain times of the year.
  • This is the most expensive course on our list.

7. Northwest Culinary Academy


Northwest Culinary Academy offers professional and enthusiast options to teach almost anyone about cooking. Professional options can help students on the path to a cooking career, while enthusiast courses encourage home chefs to hone their skills.

Courses Available: Plant-Based Culinary Boot Camp

This is an enthusiast course, meaning it is not intended for professional use. The course lasts three weeks and focuses on the preparation of a full-course dinner utilizing all plant-based ingredients (although dairy is permitted, but not required).


  • This course is ideal for anyone who doesn’t know much about cooking, as it begins with knife skills and the bare basics.
  • Ingredients come from local farms and are sustainably sourced.


  • This course is only offered in Canada and may require a long-term stay for students.
  • The course does not include any professional certifications.


Did you find the right school for you? Which are the top three plant based culinary schools from this list? Why?

  • Northwest Culinary Academy: This school encourages home chefs as well as professionals to learn a little more about plant-based meal prep.
  • Le Cordon Bleu: This is an accredited and well-known school that offers professional certification.
  • Institute of Culinary Education: This school offers lots of hands-on training and guidance throughout its programs.

Whichever school you choose, you’ll be well on your way to a plant-based cooking education soon!

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